Ricky Gervais branches out

Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais, who currently stars in Netflix original Derek, has branched out and stepped into the lead roles of several of Netflix’s shows for a new campaign that aims to promote some hit programming available through the online streaming service. The 60-second spot sees the rotund actor stepping into House of Cards, Lilyhammer and Orange is the New Black as he becomes part of the storylines that he has followed on Netflix.

His impersonations and unique brand of self-deprecating humour make the entire clip a treat, and the laughs also carry over to an outtake compilation that shows Gervais going off script.        

The new campaign was created by Ignition Creative and comes shortly after Netflix picked up seven Emmy Awards for its original shows. 

As a side note, TVNZ recently secured rights to stream Orange is the New Black in New Zealand, and this will see both the first and second seasons of the show become available via the broadcaster’s on-demand offering in September.   

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