Reyka Vodka gets personal this Christmas

While brands are getting into the Christmas spirit, none are quite as dedicated as the Icelandic vodka brand Reyka Vodka which over the course of two hour-long videos live streamed on Facebook, wished every Icelander a happy holiday.

Appointed to the massive task is Frikki, who begins the first video by saying, “although there are 320,000 people living in Iceland, the Icelandic Naming committee has listed only 4512 approved Icelandic names”, before being handed a folder containing the list. 

He also points out he is not talking to those who are under the legal drinking age of 21.

The Icelandic Naming committee maintains a register of approves Icelandic given names and is the governing body of introduction of given names into the culture. Any name on the list, parents must request the name be allowed by law.

If you have two hours to spare, watch video one here, and video two here.

Frikki kicks off the list with great enthusiasm, which he maintains with the odd shot of vodka throughout the reading. However, he does have moments of frustration and fatigue—particularly when he reaches the names starting with ‘S’ seeing as they all pretty sound the same.

And by the time he reaches the end, his deep breaths in-between show off his exhaustion.

But just as he is about to enjoy a little holiday cheer of his own in the form of another vodka shot, he receives a phone call asking him to wish a happy holiday to all those born during the filming of the videos.

“I didn’t sign up to this,” he says, before departing.

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