BPR brings choppers to life in a children’s book for Northland Rescue Helicopter

In a new fundraising initiative for the Northland Rescue Helicopter (NRH), Boyd PR tells a tale of the Whangarei-based service’s three choppers—nicknamed Juliet, Mike and Lima—to spread a message about the service’s importance and staying safe.

Titled Juliet to the Rescue, the book follows the tale of three friends who go searching for the famous Northland landmark, the Hole In The Rock, on Piercy Island. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, Jack, Poppy, Tama and their dog Monty end up stranded when their home-made raft is destroyed, and it’s up to the choppers to bring them back to safety.

The book was produced in-house and illustrated by the company’s creative director Tony McNeight. McNeight has previously illustrated a number of children’s books, and was the brains behind last year’s project to create the world’s largest poppy in the Auckland Domain.

Senior account director Scott Kara says the book was devised as a creative way to help raise funds for the Whangarei-based rescue service, which has been a client of BPR’s for almost six years.

“Even though books are old school, and these days they are in direct competition with tablets and other gadgets, kids still love them. There’s nothing like a good book and we based this one on classic adventure tales like Famous Five and Treasure Island but with a Northland flavour.”

NRH general manager Vanessa Furze adds that while it’s an entertaining story for kids, the book also touts an underlying safety message.

“We want everyone to be safe this summer and in the book there are some lessons about water safety and always letting someone know where you are going,” she says.

While the book went on sale last week, via the Northland Emergency Services Trust’s website, today saw its official launch at Whangarei Primary School.

Approximately 100 copies have been sold so far, with all proceeds going to Northland Rescue Helicopter.

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