Returning the final bottle

Vodka brand J.A. Baczewski created a short film, which really pulls on the heartstrings, about a 94-year-old man who is in the possession of a very old unopened J.A. Baczewski vodka bottle, which he wished to return to the legal heirs of the brand owners after stealing it during the second world war.

According to BestAds, the story behind the short film begins with a letter, found by LVOV agency, written by the son of the main character. He informed them that his father, 94-year-old retired attorney Stefan Plazek from Cracow, Poland was in the possession of the legendary vodka J.A. Baczewski bottle that he stole during the war, and he wanted to give it back to the legal heirs of the brand owners. The agency decided to document the handover of the bottle in the form of a short film directed by Polish documentary-maker Marcin KoszaÅka.

The monochrome movie features a monologue of Plazek’s voice as he reminisces about his time during the war and how he came to steal the vodka bottle as he goes about his daily activities, still a very able man at his ripe age of 94. At the end he hands it over to one of the brand’s legal heirs.

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