Record levels of carousal detected at 2009 Marketing Awards

‘Twas a night of much revelry and celebration for the marketing industry; a cathartic melee that laughed in the face of 2009’s Great Depression.

You can pass judgement on the winners here. And thanks to DNA and Getty Images, you can also pass judgement on the attendees and their sartorial stylings.

Special mention goes to DNA’s Nick Samson for featuring very prominently in the photo-booth collection and also to the supreme award-winning Les Mills crew for their gym chic, particularly the silk suit hoody (Shoody?).

Congratulations to all the winners. Roll on next year.

4058194896_b6c9b1f536_mNick Samson

Martin DevlinMartin Devlin

Vincent HeeringaVincent Heeringa

Sue McCartySue McCarty

Gillian MunnickGillian Munnick

Dave ShoemackDave Shoemack

Glowing victorsGlowing victors

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