‘Reach around for a deeper clean’

The Dollar Shave Club guy, otherwise known as Michael Dubin, earned legions of fans for his very entertaining launch video. And he's back with no.2—and an array of no. 2 puns—to promote the arrival of his next product: butt wipes for men. 

According to Adweek, One Wipe Charlies will be "peppermint-scented and include extracts of aloe vera, marshmallow, cucumber, oat, chamomile and other ingredients". 

"Dubin's company conducted a survey and found that 90 percent of men are satisfied with their 'level of clean' after using wipes versus only about 50 percent when it comes to those who use toilet paper."

They'll be sold at DollarShaveClub.com in US$4 packs of 40. At the moment, the company ships its wares to Australia, but Kiwi chaps will just have to survive without them. 

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