Raise your paddles

There’s no better way to unleash a bit of tension than by smashing a hollow piece of celluloid across a table at your agency foe. Not only does this activity carry the possibility of knocking over the drink of the said frenemey, but it also gives you the opportunity to engage in the most obnoxious victory dance ever contrived should you win. And for those who do not have the limberness to claim ultimate glory, fear not. You can still go full McEnroe upon losing every point. It’s very cathartic.

So, if this feels like something that you’d like to partake in, enter your team (mixed doubles or singles) into the inter-agency table tennis championships (aka the Flying Paddle), which is set to be held on Thursday, 11 August.  

The cost for entry is $250 per team and non-competitors can view proceedings for $5.

The challenge kicks off at 7pm on the night. 

Get in fast. RSVP should be sent to [email protected] by 14 July.

For added motivation, here’s a great table tennis rally:

And for the less talented but equally spirited, here are some of the greatest tennis meltdowns:



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