Update: Mediaworks pulls plug on Dotcom radio spots

Update 4:45pm: Kim Dotcom’s radio spots have been axed because of “commercial reasons”according to a spokesperson for MediaWorks, which was due to air the ads on its radio stations to promote the upcoming launch of mega.co.nz.

MediaWorks says it cannot reveal why the ads were pulled to maintain its client’s confidentiality. However on Twitter the client, Dotcom, seems to think the ads were pulled because of pressure applied from music labels.

In a following Tweet, Dotcom was quite forgiving of MediaWorks’ position.

MediaWorks, which owns radio stations like The Edge and The Rock, would severely be affected if its relationships with music suppliers were in jeopardy. 

Earlier today:

Not ones to waste an opportunity, the folks over at Radio1 have already offered to generously take Dotcom’s money.

Original Story:

New Zealand media’s gift that just keeps giving, Kim Dotcom, is taking a distinctly analog step in promoting his new cloud service mega.co.nz (not to be confused with Auckland geocaching event nzmega.com).

On his Twitter feed this morning the alleged pirate, and confirmed millionaire, released a series of radio spots about the launch of mega.co.nz on 20 January, the anniversary of his dramatic arrest last year.

The ads were produced by Dotcom and features the voices of Mega Christmas co-stars Nic Sampson, Barnaby Fredrick, and Kimberly Crossman.

Dotcom told The NBR the ads will begin airing on Mediaworks radio stations from Wednesday.

“I think nobody with a radio will be able to miss them,” says Dotcom.

A global campaign with more digital elements will follow after.

All five radio spots can be heard here.

(Note: there seems to be an issue on the SoundCloud website causing Dotcom’s clips to load slowly)

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