Racing this time in 2011

Ahoyhoy StopPressers and happy year of the rabbit to all. Sadly, as you presumably well know, the annual period of glorious, unbridled festive leisure has once again come to an end for most and, as the long, seemingly never-ending year stretches out relentlessly in front of us, we trust you too are also emotional husks, staring blankly at your screens, dreaming of ham wrapped in teatowels, sausages for every meal, lustrous summer beards and not wearing any shoes. We at StopPress heartily endorse the presumably highly unproductive New Zealand way, where there seems to be a general acceptance among the populous that no-one shall work over the holidays (to the point where those who do are frowned upon) and little work shall be done in the first week. But now that your places of employ require you to get busy, you’ll probably be looking for ways to avoid doing real work. And recent studies have shown that there is no better form of procrastination than reading about industry gossip on StopPress (and filling in our survey, which will only be up for one more week, to help us gauge the mood of the marcomms fraternity).

There’s certainly plenty to look forward to in 2011—for the country, the industry and us. We’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves and a few soon-to-be launched additions to the site that we think you’ll like. Of course, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun without some robust debate, some healthy commentary and some anonymous vitriol, so get involved and add your thoughts. Also, for the whisteblowers out there, feel free to get your Asssange on and email us with any scandalous tip-offs, gobsmacking rumours, ensuing stoushes and various half-truths you think might be worthy of a story.

We know it always takes a while for the brain to warm up (it’s a phenomenon known as the sausage haze), so, to ease you into the new working year, here’s an excellent bacon-related invention, a hilarious collection of things real people don’t say about advertising and North Korea’s dear leader Kim Jong Il looking at things.

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