Putting faces to the figures: BNZ and Colenso BBDO extend its Bank of You brand campaign

Colenso BBDO and BNZ have released the second phase of the Bank of You brand platform, which continues its empathetic branding ways. 

While banks don’t always scream out communal warmth and tender care, BNZ has harnessed these themes during its latest campaign.

The videos put emphasis on community, customers and personality, a distinctive element of BNZ, according to its director of marketing and retail Paul Carter.

The campaign launched on Sunday across all platforms, including online, TVC and static. It’s a continuation from its initial Bank of You spot, which came to light in August last year. Both campaigns show Kiwis from all walks of life going about their daily business, while BNZ fits around them.

The latest campaign aligns with BNZ’s ‘good report’, an informal annual report that covers the role BNZ plays with customers and communities across New Zealand.

Carter says while the external campaign is exciting, it’s also about BNZ raising the bar internally. Another key theme in BNZ’s launch is its devotion to help Kiwis do better with their money.

“We were really pleased with the reception from our customers based on all the metrics we have tracked. It shows it is resonating with customers, we want to be an organisation that is listening, understanding and responding to Kiwis.”

Currently, BNZ is fielding a relatively new line up with the appointment of Angela Mentis as managing director and chief executive officer in November last year, and its acquisition of new chief marketing officer Jason Chan in June.  

Carter is also relatively fresh-faced having been there for 14 months. He says what he is most proud since he started was the drive to help New Zealand be better with money so they can do great things with it.

On the campaign front, he says he wanted to change the way BNZ communicated to the open market.

“We wanted to bring back messaging that is more confident and consistently marketed, that is focused on our customers and why having a relationship with BNZ leads to great outcomes, that is the intent in one of the changes of our brand.”

Carter states that the campaign is broadly based, and recognises that everyone has individual needs. He says BNZ is using new technologies to represent everybody’s individual needs more than ever before.

“We’ve got significant investment for growth and leveraging digital. Our customers want the convenience of different channels, so BNZ is investing heavily in technology. We recognize banking is a people business, it’s how technology strengthen relationships.”

While relationship building is an integral element for all banks, Carter argues that BNZ has a particular focus on customer outcomes.

“Our new chief executive officer, Angela Mentis, has an obsession with customer outcomes at every level and understands how to get the basics right for our customers. These points of distinction in how we show up for BNZ, as well as a relentless focus on serving customers business and personal needs, is special.” 

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