Puppy or bagel? Nike gets real about what’s stopping people from running

Nike is hoping to motivate people to get off their screens and go for a run with a dose of reality.

A 60-second video called ‘Time is Precious’ which features an automated voice that sounds an awful lot like Siri, points out that we spend 10 hours a day glued to our screens. That’s the equivalent of 152 days a year and 32 years of our lives that could be spent doing other things, like running.

But according to the video, we are all too busy looking at pictures of dogs and babies, taking pictures of the view out of a plane’s window, watching bloggers take things out of boxes, swiping left multiple times before swiping right, and deciding if a picture is a chihuahua or a muffin. From there the list goes on and on.

And for all those left thinking ‘yes, I do that’, the video finishes with the question: ‘Are we running today?’

The ‘Time is Precious’ video has been supported by a series of shorter videos titled ‘Friends’, ‘Opinions’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Celebrities’ and ‘Zombies’.

Each video goes deep into each topic to discuss our sharing, liking, commenting and tagging behaviors online and finishes with the line ‘you just won back 30 minutes to run’.

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