Premier League Pass screens its first games, with a few kinks to be ironed out

Online sports broadcast service Premier League Pass streamed its first games on 17 August, and there have been some teething problems.

Since that first game Premier League Pass, which is owned by Coliseum Sports Media, has live-streamed 10 Barclay Premier League soccer games.

Some soccer fans have complained about the quality of the streaming video, as Stuff.co.nz reported this morning.

Coliseum co-founder Tim Martin says any issues with picture quality were due to viewers’ internet connections.

“People who had a really bad experience with picture quality, that is their tech not being sorted out,” he says.

“People who had their tech sorted out, they’ve had a great experience.”

However the launch of Premier League Pass had a few “kinks”, says Martin. On Sunday morning, customers has issues accessing the service.

“We know why that was, and that has been fixed,” he says.

Martin’s biggest disappointment with the launch was that the company’s app had not been ready for week one of the league.

But the app “should be there for round two”, he says.

While Martin won’t talk about the specific number of people who’ve signed up for the Premier League Pass service, he says “numbers are great” and that the service is exceeding expectations.

Coliseum will eventually expand its sports portfolio, but for now the company’s focus is on the Premier League, Martin says.

“We’ve got another 1,130 games to improve. That’s what we’re working on first and foremost.”

Coliseum outbid Sky Sport earlier this year for the rights to screen the tournament live. The company was relatively unknown before it won the rights

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