The power of collaboration

Ads for universities have always been a bit cringey, but the Universtiy of Melbourne has helped break the cycle with a creative spot about ‘What happens when minds collide’.

The ad features a girl who looks as if she has just begun at the Uni and is still figuring out how it works. Suddenly she runs into a pool of fellow students where they all work together, becoming an amorphous identity through human sculpture, where they create a visual representation of their ideas with their bodies.

It reinforces the idea that university isn’t just where you go to learn, it’s where you go to share ideas, meet people and collaborate.

Australia has had a bit of a run with good University ads recently. Western Sydney also made a great one with Finch, directed by New Zealander Jae Morrison.

The ad tells the true story of a refugee and Western Sydney University student, Deng Thiak Adut, from when he was a six-year-old boy taken from his mother and forced to march for a month to Ethiopia where he encountered horrific scenes, becoming marred with emotional and physical scars. It then goes on to show his achievements after arriving in Australia and receiving a higher education. The ad is also topical, coinciding with the Syrian refugee crisis, acting as a reminder of what a country can do for those in need if it opens its doors.

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