Netflix and spliff?

Baka Bile, Eve’s Bush and Camp Firewood are just some of the marijuana brands at the centre of a new Netflix campaign.        

The Streaming juggernaut has partnered with marijuana dispensary Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS) to distribute 12 strains of marijuana based on ten of its shows.

Each of the strains has been coupled with a show on account of the feeling the strain of marijuana causes to the user.

Disjointed, Lady Dynamite, BoJack Horseman, Orange Is the New Black, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Mystery Science 3000: The Return, Arrested Development, Grace and Frankie, Chelsea and Santa Clarita Diet have all inspired special strains for the campaign.    

According to AdWeek, Netflix hasn’t handled or packaged any of the weed. This was all taken care of by AHHS. Even the labels, designed by creative agency Carrot, were attached by AHHS.

AHHS certainly won’t be complaining about the collaboration, with the campaign leading to the sale of over 12 kilograms over the weekend. 

With public sentiment steadily turning toward the legalisation of marijuana in the local market, it’s only a matter of time until we see a few local collaborations that look to capitalise on the inevitable hype of the movement.        




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