Pluk the halls

What’s more Christmassy than an inappropriate pash at the office party? Or a deep ham and alcohol coma? Or the disappointed look on your greedy kids’ faces when they don’t get what they want (speaking of crap gifts)? A festively-themed, avian-heavy dollop of digital show-offery, says the gang from audio-recognition app Pluk. So Pluk the video and see what happens. 


“It’s been a great year and we’d like to thank you for your support,” says Pluk’s Boyd Wason. “We’ve launched a platform that is world-leading and done some really cool work. But more importantly, we’ve had the chance to work with some great brands and alongside some fantastic clients, agencies and partners. If we don’t see you before the break, we hope you have a fantastic summer holiday and look forward to cracking into it again in 2013.” 

And if you think you have a better cracker joke, Pluk wants to hear it (here are some non-Christmas suggestions from StopPress). 

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