Please sir, can I have some more Fly Buys ads

After embarking on a fairly successful first foray into mobile out-of-home advertising to draw attention to its Fly Buys Music offering during NZ Music Month, Loyalty New Zealand has gone back to good old reliable mass-awareness television with a new campaign that aims to drum up support for its partners among different groups, including flatmates, builders, mums, teenagers and even orphans. 

Clemenger BBDO and Jealous Lovers Films were behind the campaign, a modern, fairly comical ‘twist’, tsk tsk, on the Oliver Twist tale combined with a bit of Bob Dylan-esque card work (see the five new spots here).

Zara Hayden, who also worked on the Toyota ‘Bugger’ ad, was the producer and Barry Fawcett, who was also at the helm for the Tensing and Hillary Weet-bix kids ad, was director (also, the cook is the same guy from DDB’s Sky ‘Dentist’ spot, surely one of the contenders for the as yet non-existent StopPress ad of the year award).

Anna Sweetman, Loyalty New Zealand’s PR manager says the cost of TV spots has come down across the board as a result of the recession and “opened [TV] up for lots of companies”, so, in a strange way, she says it’s a return to a traditional, reasonably cost effective concept of advertising for Fly Buys.

And while we’re on the topic of Fly Buys, by all accounts this game, which was created by Touchcast in Wellington and aimed to drive more Fly Buys members to sign up to Contact Energy, has been a bit of a hit. Now all those negative connotations

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