PlayStation, Uber and Whybin\TBWA give some Ponsonby young’uns a taste of the past

Uber has delivered kittens and ice-creams as part of its promotional activities in the past. And now, as part of a campaign via Whybin\TBWA to launch the new PlayStation 4 game The Order: 1886, it’s embraced horse-power. 

One night a few weeks ago, Uber users were transported back to Victorian-Era 1886 when they were picked up in horse-drawn carriages and given the opportunity to play the new game in the back during their ride around Ponsonby (8 created the carriage, produced it and filmed the video). 

“This game is the perfect marriage of past, myth and modern technology,” says Krister Robinson, marketing manager for Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand in a release. “Everything in the game, from the characters, the enemy, the weapons, the setting and the technology has been crafted to bring this to life. We’re looking forward to offering some passengers a one-off travel experience that brings history – The Order: 1886 carriage – and today’s technology – Uber – together.” 

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