Playing the crowd pleasers

The frisson of live musical events is what makes them so appealling, both for musicians and fans. And while video games aren’t likely to replace that sensation, the latest iteration of Guitar Hero is offering a dose of reality by allowing gamers to play in front of live crowds. 

“The creative center of both Guitar Hero Live and the trailer for the game is about bringing to life the visceral thrill and terror of being up there in front of thousands of people,” says Tim Ellis, chief marketing officer of Activision Publishing, in a release. 

The clip starts off with a range of rock cliches before showing the start of a rather lacklustre performance from you, the lead guitarist, of Gold on the Ceiling. According to Adweek, “72andSunny, along with director Giorgio Testi and co-director/game developer Jamie Jackson, shot additional footage from the live-action shoots for the game—and used them for the trailer.” 

In addition to playing in front of a crowd alongside your human band members, players can also play along to a selection of official music videos with GHTV. 

“Guitar Hero is a franchise that so many people love [40 million have played it]. Figuring out how to bring it back with true breakthrough innovation has been years in the making, and a labor of love,” says Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “Guitar Hero Live lets people rock real crowds with real reactions. Our goal was literally to give people stage fright. And with GHTV, we have created the world’s first playable music video network. All of it is playable on consoles, or mobile devices. Guitar Hero is back and better than ever.”

Now we look forward to the Simon Cowell/Natalia Kills/Willy Moon plug-in so that even more vitriolic commentary can be sent in players’ directions. 

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