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Who’s it for: Sky TV by DDB NZ and Capital City films

Why we like it: The DDB/Sky relationship has been a particularly fruitful one recently. The Arts Channel campaign won every award in the world. The ‘Your Happy Place‘ content campaign also got a few global nods. The Que Sera Sera epic got right royally complained about by the wowsers. And the MySky work completely owned TiVo. Now the happy couple are back with another top notch content spot that shows you all the televisual joys on offer by chronicling the wanderings of a hapless hero who creates some carnage with his leafblower.

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Who’s it for: Volkswagen by DDB NZ and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Given most of VW’s ads are made by the big global shops, getting to make this is a bit of a coup (and, much more importantly, a double whammy for DDB in the TVC of the week honours). It’s certainly a nice way of showing the German car-maker’s egalitarian side and creating a point of difference between itself and its swankier German associates.

There seems to have been a good run of form from the agencies recently and there were plenty of solid TVCs in the running this week. Check out some of the others that have come across the desk recently here.

Youtube VideoAnd while we’re unashamedly xenophobic when it comes to awarding TVC of the week, this new one for Virgin Atlantic is too good not to put up.

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