Depicting high powered tech females in undies – OK or not?

When a bunch of high-powered Silicon Valley female leaders strip off and model underwear in their workplaces, is it demeaning or just a bit of brave fun?

Lingerie brand Dear Kate’s campaign photographed senior women in the high tech industry modeling its bras and undies, touting it as ‘high performance underwear for high performing women”.

Called the Ada Collection, after the world’s first computer programmer Ada Lovelace, the women pose as if they’re giving presentations, having meetings, or working at their laptops, but in their undies.

Elissa Shevinsky, CEO of the startup Glimpse Labs, told TIME magazine “Posing in your underwear undermines the message that you aim to be taken seriously as a technologist.”

Founder and CEO of Dear Kate, Julie Sygiel, said in the same article “I think a lot of traditional lingerie photo shoots depict women as simply standing there looking sexy. They’re not always in a position of power and control …In our photo shoots it’s important to portray women who are active and ambitious. They’re not just standing around waiting for things to happen.”

What do you think?

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