Phantom puts up its arm (and posters) to encourage vaccination

Phantom is using its nationwide poster network to engage with citizens on the street and encourage higher vaccination rates.

To achieve this, the media company has partnered with Amplifier, a US-based non-profit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times.

Amplifier’s artists have created a series of posters with positive messages about vaccination and the power of hope.

“So we asked them politely if they would allow us to run these posters for free over the next few weeks. It’s a critical moment in our nation’s pandemic journey, when we all need to do our bit to drive vaccination to 90 percent and beyond.

“Amplifier said yes. Which is why you can now see these eight amazing posters appearing in Phantom frames around Aotearoa,” reads a statement issued by Phantom.

The company says it is using the power of art to drive change.

“One day, when we all look back on the early 2020s, we will hopefully recognise it as a moment when science and society rallied to deal with a serious threat.

“But before anyone declares victory, we need to protect ourselves. And one of the main tools to achieve that is vaccination.

“It’s a campaign with huge ramifications for everyone in New Zealand.”

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