Phantom Billstickers takes local music to the streets

Phantom Billstickers is showing its support for New Zealand Music Month with a series of #MusiciansOfAotearoa posters featuring up-and-coming and underground artists.

Each of the posters features a shot from photographer Hayley Theyers’ personal project. Those photographed include JessB; Sandra Bell, i.e. Crazy; Hollie Fullbrook; Teremoana Rapley; Ducklingmonster; Heather Mans eld; Celia Mancini; Lucy Hunter; Liz Mathews; Demarnia Lloyd; and Sjionel Timu.

They are all women.

This is the second year Phantom Billstickers has marked Music Month by celebrating the faces behind music being made right now. The idea takes a lead from Phantom’s Poem Poster and Art Poster initiatives, that series endeavour to cast a spotlight on up-and-coming and underground artists who deserve to be more widely known.

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