Phantom Billstickers head across the ditch

Phantom Billstickers has announced its first move to include Australia in its services, allowing New Zealand companies to now target cross-Tasman with the help of the out of home company.

In a release, the company stated that although it is staying true to its Kiwi roots, the new expansion will allow clients to post on their New Zealand and now Australian out of home spaces.

“Thanks to Phantom’s industry connections, you can plan, buy and run a trans-Tasman street poster campaign from NZ,” The release said.

“We won’t just put you in touch with the Aussie poster companies – instead, we’ll use our sophisticated booking system to help you build a campaign that reaches consumers in Kings Cross as well as Queen Street.

“You won’t have to worry about production either. We’ll manage all the printing and pasting across the ditch. Let Phantom take care of everything and enjoy an easy life.

“The smart way for Kiwi brands to build an Australian profile.”

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