Phantom Billstickers campaign combines advertising and food shopping

Phantom Billstickers has mapped out both its billboard locations and the various supermarkets around the country to assist marketers in reaching the many people grocery shopping.

With the country in lockdown and the supermarket being one of the only places we can visit, Phantom Billstickers has taken the unusual situation into a positive opportunity for marketers wanting to advertise their products.

After mapping out New Zealand’s supermarkets and overlapping it with a map of Phantom’s billboard whereabouts, the data collected was then made into an interactive planning tool. Marketers can select supermarkets down to the individual store level, and see which Phantom billboard is close by. There is the option to purchase a nationwide schedule, or marketers can pick a select few stores that sell their product.

The planning tool also makes it easy to gather quotes, and Phantom’s case studies prove that billboards near supermarkets can trigger a surge in sale.

Phantom marketing manager Ben Stonyer says clients often ask to book sites near supermarkets, however with 800 billboards across the country, it was important for the team to create a database to keep track of where they were and who was using them.

“We have had extremely good feedback on our client-facing nationwide site map and other mapping tools we use in our fulfilment, so we decided to layer supermarket locations over our nationwide site map.

“Using our software developers Satellite Media they were able to implement the list on to a custom map that has every supermarket in every centre that we operate in on it as well as our street poster locations.”

Stonyer adds that it makes sense for marketers to use the Phantom billboards near supermarkets as supermarkets have become the new town squares during lockdown. The advertisements are in an outdoor space where everyone can see which can influence purchases and decision making.

Looking forward, Stonyer says Phantom are hoping to add more custom maps to their collection that will showcase other high profile locations and allow advertisers to connect with customers.

“Only Phantom can provide these kinds of mapping tools in the street poster market, we’ve been doing this for almost 40 years and know what it takes to deliver a premium street poster campaign. We won’t stop innovating.”

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