Petrol station party

Cape Town drivers got a surprise when filling up their cars at Engen Petrol when the attendants came together in a flash mob.

While the attendants are filing up cars and washing windscreens, music starts and the unsuspecting drivers are treated what appears to be a fully choreographed routine.

It starts with one attendant dancing alone but he is soon joined by the rest who perform acrobatic tricks, lifts and break dancing. Following an impressive end pose the attendants go back to work leaving the drivers impressed but also wondering what happened.

With the final video being made up of what appears to be footage from security cameras and the drivers mobiles, we can’t be sure if this stunt was completely staged.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time staff have fronted the camera to promote their brand.

Staff from both VTNZ and Z Energy showed their love of the job by fronting campaigns this year.

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