A perfectly good reason to visit New Zealand

Whittaker’s will no doubt be pleased with Kiwi blogger Rebecca Blanford’s reasons for visiting New Zealand. Rather than choosing one of the more generic reasons for returning to her country of birth, Blanford, who blogs under the nom de plume RunawayKiwi, wrote that she was visiting to get a taste of Whittaker’s Jelly Tip Block chocolate that recently hit the supermarket shelves.

Blanford has been living in London and working as travel writer, but this hasn’t stopped her from keeping in touch with the latest experiments conducted by the creative chocolatiers at the Whittaker’s factory.

She will, however, have to hurry, given that the blocks are expected to sell out by the end of the week. Speaking to Stuff, Whittaker’s marketing manager Holly Whittaker said all 850,000 Jelly Tip blocks made were sold to retailers in one week—which again illustrates just how enamoured Kiwis are with the brand.      


This Twitter love for the brand follows on from the recent #Whittakersnewflavours topic that saw cheeky Kiwis recommend “Sweet Thai chilli sauce on cheese sizzlers”, “Fluoride”, “Mouldy state houses” and “Mountain oysters” among a range of other insane flavours.  

Interestingly, while Whittaker’s has been getting all the attention with its Jelly Tip Block, Griffin’s has also introduced jelly into one of its recipes—but the hype hasn’t been nearly as pronounced. 

Look what Griffin’s made when Tip Top came to play!

Posted by Griffin’s NZ on Sunday, 28 June 2015

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