Pepsi Max and Sapien analyse Gen Z appetites

To discern what Generation Z want, Frucor Suntory have engaged Sapien to research beverage desires of Kiwis aged 18-24 for the Pepsi Max brand.

The exploratory work has been conducted with consumers to not only understand how Gen Z sees Pepsi Max as a brand, but to also understand how they want beverages to make them feel.

Agency 99 will use Sapien’s findings to inform their creative positioning and upcoming brand work for Pepsi Max. 

Traditionally, the marketing team has determined the desired feeling and attitudes of consumers. But Pepsi Max, Sapien and 99 will target consumers to supply the moods, words, images and feelings that will drive the marketing campaign.

Having worked with Frucor previously, Mark Vincett, Director of Research at Sapien, says: “It has been a fun project to be involved in. Frucor has been very receptive to doing things differently. It is great to be able to help them unlock how people are feeling rather than just judging ideas. 

“Both 99 and Frucor have embraced the learnings and used them to really connect with these young New Zealanders and put them at the heart of what they are trying to capture as a brand.”

Ursla Bowden, Marketing Manager at Frucor Suntory, adds: “We wanted to better understand the consumer and were pleased to bring Sapien on board to help gain the insights to base our upcoming campaign around. 

“It sounds obvious, but this approach is different from so many that are focused solely on the brand with retrofitted insights. So the Sapien research was an absolutely crucial part of the project.”

This innovative approach is an entirely New Zealand focused campaign and looks to understand what Kiwis want, rather than just rolling out the global marketing strategy.

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