Pedigree and Colenso BBDO celebrate the ‘real gastronomes’ of the culinary world

If you told me, in a competition for the most refined palate, I would lose to my dog, I’d be pretty sceptical. I mean, this is a pup who won’t hesitate to eat a used tissue or drink from the toilet.

Well, turns out that our furry friend’s noses aren’t just wet and cute, they’re also 50 times more powerful than ours, giving them the ability to smell, and taste, the world on a whole new level. With this in mind, Pedigree and Colenso BBDO have teamed up to promote a new range of products that give these canine connoisseurs the culinary attention they deserve.

“Our dogs have been the real gastronomes all along,” says Dan Wright, Colenso’s executive creative director.

In line with the idea of canines being “connoisseurs”, the campaign’s TVCs and videos feature smooth-talking commentary of dogs during everyday moments with their owners, giving a unique take on walkies and a trip to the park. There’s also three print pieces, accompanying social content and of course, a sniffable menu to help your pup pick their favourite MYDOG® Home Recipe flavour. Yup, the ‘dogustation’ range will be accompanied by a scratch and sniff menu for your pooch, a crazy outside-the-box idea we’ve come to expect when Pedigree and Colenso get together.

Cormac van den Hoofdakker, marketing manager at Mars, says the new range, which includes flavours like Angus beef pasta and chicken casserole, would take the shared passion between owners and dogs to a whole new level.

“MY DOG® is the choice for owners who want the best for their best mate,” he says. “So, ‘Canine connoisseurs’ is the perfect development for the brand. It’s taking this shared passion between owners and dogs to a new level, while embedding MY DOG® as the choice for owners who want the best for their best mate.”

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Mars NZ
Cormac van den Hoofdaker, Marketing Manager
Giovana Peroni, Brand Manager
Production Company: Flare, ColensoBBDO
Director: Chris Sisarich
Sound Design: Franklin Rd
Media Agency: Wavemaker

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