Parking spots on demand

Theres an app for everything these days. From one that tells you the best time to go for a pee during a movie to an app that prevents embarrassing drunk dials it’s amazing that we don’t have an app that reminds us to blink.

An new addition to this growing list is MonkeyParking, an app that auctions off parking spots to the highest bidder. Next time you are looking for a parking spot, you can use MonkeyParking’s interactive map which will show you parking spots people are ready to give up, but for a price. You select how much you are willing to spend on a spot and the app will match you up with someone who can help you out. 

At the moment the app only works in San Francisco and Rome but its time in the U.S may be coming to an abrupt end. MonkeyParking is illegal in much of America as it charges people for the use of public space already paid for by the taxpayer.

San Francisco has issued the creators a cease and desist letter. If they continue to operate in the area, they could be fined up to $2,500 per violation. 

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