Paris Hilton saves the environment

Once the glittering epitome of early-2000s celebrity culture, Paris Hilton makes a comeback to  debut NanoDrop, ‘a highly condensed sparkling water.’

Feeling bad for the sea turtles, the hotel heiress uses the scientific power of the Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions (PHIPPS) to create a revolutionary new water product that’s 5000 times more hydrating than regular water, cutting out the need for heavy plastic bottles that pollute the environment. In fact, it’s so compact that you can even fit a fashionably pink six-pack on your keychain, eliminating those pesky trips to the supermarket that are “so 2003”.

However, when PHIPPS’ chief scientist suffers from some extreme dehydration, it turns out Nanodrop was all just one big ruse, with taxi driver Milosz the undeniable culprit of this fradulent water-based crime.

Luckily, no scientists were harmed in the making of this film, with the three-minute video actually just Sodastream’s big ol’ April Fools campaign. But joke or not, it still gets the Sodastream message out there, pointing out the drinks maker is a great way to achieve healthy hydration without harmful plastic bottle pollution because, to quote a classic Hilton aphorism, “that’s hot”.

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