Pandora rounds out its repertoire with Android tablet version

Radio streaming service Pandora has brought the functionality it introduced in its 5.0 app for iOS devices earlier this year to a new version for Android tablets.

The interface of Pandora 5.0 for Android tablets has also been optimised for the larger screen size of these devices.

Among the features are the ability to add variety to a radio station, view station details and more easily shuffle, rename and delete stations.

Pandora says it’s deepened the music discovery features so users can find ou more about artists and albums, find similar artists, and get lyrics, biographies and discographies. Users’ timelines show stations created, bookmarked tracks and thumb history (the tool used to skip songs users don’t like), and can choose to make their profile public or private.

Social sharing features have also been added.

Android tablet growth is outpacing that of iPads globally: researchers IDC say Apple shipped 14.6 million iPads in the second quarter of this year, down 14 percent on that quarter last year, while Android shipments grew 163 percent from Q2 last year to 28.2 million this year.

“We’re focused on making sure for our consumers, no matter where they’re engaging with the service, the experience is the same, and that it’s a really good, rich experience,” says Pandora’s New Zealand sales director Melanie Reece.

Pandora records its New Zealand user numbers and the platforms they use, but doesn’t reveal the information, says Reece.

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