Outlook for Thursday: Trade Me takes the weather with it

Some companies just seem to have unending revenue streams. And as Trade Me stretches its tentacles into the services area and starts competing with Yellow and Google (for the full round-up, scroll down to near the bottom of this story), it’s also finding a bit of a niche as an online display advertising team for other websites, the latest of which is metservice.com. Trade Me announced last week that its advertising sales team would be managing advertising bookings and placements on Air New Zealand’s grabaseat. Now metservice.com and its mobile sister site, m.metservice.com, have joined the fray. Both outfits had previously done it themselves.

MetService interactive manager Craig Delany says the partnership would be win-win for everyone involved. “There will be a dedicated team working to ensure our clients’ needs are met, and the new arrangement with the Trade Me team will ensure we’re able to do this much more efficiently and effectively.”

With the re-launch of metservice.com in December 2009, and the launch of the mobile site in May 2010, MetService has cemented its position as one of New Zealand’s top websites and mobile sites. Metservice.com has grown significantly in recent months, in terms of both page impressions and unique browsers, and was the sixth most visited site according to Nielsen NetRatings in July, with an average of 75,669 daily domestic visitors.

Yael Milbank, Trade Me’s head of advertising, says MetService is another fantastic partner that will further strengthen the network of sites.

“We’re looking forward to bringing it all together and providing our clients with a broad range of options for their campaigns.”

Auckland-based Jessica Hutchinson has been appointed as the account manager for the Trade Me network and would be responsible for managing the day-to-day requirements of the publishers. As well as MetService and grabaseat, the network now includes interest.co.nz, Trade Me, Trade Me Jobs, Trade Me Motors, Trade Me Property, Travelbug, Holiday Houses, FindSomeone and Old Friends.

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