Out of the ashes: Radio Hauraki ‘kills station in order to save it’

“For the past few years, Radio Hauraki has been shit.” So says a very frank and rather Back of the Y-esque video clip involving petrol, a lighter and some hearty appliance violence. But with a new look, a new breakfast pairing and a new campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi, the Radio Network claims “things are changing” for the rock station in 2013.


According to the latest radio survey, Radio Hauraki was down significantly on both station share and cume across all demographics in New Zealand and in Auckland when compared to 2011. So the claim in the video seems to be fairly accurate. And reversing the downward trend will be a tough ask for Devlin, who “has been on both sides of the news, is one of New Zealand’s most awarded and recognised sports broadcasters” and switched from Radio Live to be the morning host at Hauraki.  

“A lot of people aren’t aware that when I was tall, skinny and a little younger I cut my teeth on music radio, based in Wellington back in the 1990s. In those days I could give have given anyone a run for their money on my air guitar. While I didn’t inherit an ounce of the singing or musical talent from my uncle (New Zealand Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jonny Devlin), I unashamedly cling to his coat tails whenever I can … Let’s face it. I just love talking, especially when it’s something I am passionate about like music or sport. I’ve been involved in a number of start-up radio stations and so while Hauraki is far from that, it does have a new face and look to it. Our listeners are passionate, die-hard music fans and the team and I are keen to deliver them the goods.”

Devlin will be joined on the breakfast show by Laura McGoldrick, currently host of Sky TV’s cricket coverage.

“Martin and Laura have become fast friends, bonding over a shared love of the inner workings of New Zealand Cricket,” says Hauraki’s content director Mike McClung says. “We can’t wait to unleash them on the public. In 1966 Hauraki was the original rebel radio station. It’s been a lot of things since. In 2013 we have the personalities, the music and the attitude to honour that heritage and make great radio”. 

As well as the new breakfast team, the line-up also includes Angelina Boyd (days), Greg Prebble (afternoons), Matt Heath and The General (drive) and Mikey Havoc (nights). 

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