Orcon wants online dashboard to serve up awesomeness

Orcon is bidding for awesome with a new dashboard that stitches together what it thinks are the internet’s most fun, frivolous and factual things.

The Awesome dashboard was the winning idea out of several from Auckland digital and social agency Us and Co, which created the responsive site, says Orcon head of brand and communications Quentin Reade.

“We talked to US and Co and said we want to do something cool for our customers. It was a really open brief. This really appealed becuase a lot of it is automated. A lot of it is just APIs (application programming interfaces) scraping the web.”

The dashboard brings together popular YouTube videos, Last.fm tracks, trending Twitter topics, music, Stuff.co.nz’s top stories, most bid on Trade Me auctions, gifs, Vine videos, Instagram posts and fast-growing Kiwi Facebook pages.

Members of Orcon’s marketing team have been charged with picking out what’s cool, Reade says. “We think of ourselves as the most forward thinking internet company in New Zealand so what would people expect from us? They’d expect to find the latest stuff and the coolest stuff.”

When content is shared using a variety of social media channels, Awesome is named as the source. Orcon hopes people will reference the source once they receive shared content.

There’s some moderation, but what’s on Awesome reflects that range of content across the internet, says Reade, so it’s viewer beware. “Ultimately, we just wanted to build something cool that keeps Kiwis up to speed on a range of trends from news stories, to the best GTA 5 Police chases and the world’s best beards and moustaches – perfect for Movember inspiration,” says Reade.

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