Open season at DNA

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 4.56.18 PMDNA design have just launched the first issue of their new online publication Open, “a forum for exploring what’s happening in the evolving world of consumers”.

The bi-monthly ‘webizinesite’ will identify issues, challenge conventional wisdom and explore new ideas in the customer space through a mix of articles, interviews and trend lists. It will also showcase the different ways smart New Zealand businesses are adapting to stay relevant and successful in domestic and international markets.

“Open’s goal is to examine trends, issues and innovation within the broader topics of customer relationships, experience and brand . . . We’re going to try and unpick the behaviours and drivers effecting the change. We’ll also look at who’s profiting from this change.”

Oh look, there’s an article on the rebirth of NZ Marketing magazine. How serendipitous.

The first issue is online now and takes a look at “the way the world of buying things is changing”. And in future issues, it will discuss the customer issue across the likes of “personal values, sense of place, simplicity, technology, value, etc”.

As you’d expect, it looks good. But, as the DNA tagline suggests, it also applies plenty of insight.

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