oOh!media joins in on national teddy bear hunt

With a national teddy bear hunt currently underway, oOh!media have decided to join in on the fun using their digital screens.

The community based ‘National bear hunt’ initiative involves kiwi kids searching their streets for teddy bears that have been placed in house windows by locals. As the country is in lockdown, the bear hunt is proving to be a light-hearted form of entertainment for families, while keep children active.

Adding to the hunt, oOh!media will be running images of at least eight different bears across the companies Street Furniture digital product nationwide. oOh!media New Zealand’s general manager, Nick Vile, says the teddy bear creative will alter depending on context in the local area, weather, special events and the time of the day.

“There is a specific teddy for sunny days, and a teddy with an umbrella for rainy ones. We also have a sleepy teddy for later at night, plus a teddy with cutlery for lunch time,” he says.

Vile says the hunt is a fun and innovative way to keep kids entertained while the country self isolates.

“As a public space medium, oOh! is passionate about doing what we can to support the community through the technical capabilities of our digital product and our ability to reach into neighbourhoods nationwide.

“In this instance we are using both those things to help amplify this heart-warming initiative with the ultimate aim of boosting community spirit across New Zealand.”

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