One man, five days, 15 brands

In a show of good faith, agencies claim to use client’s brands, but to what extent? American agency Roundhouse took the idea to the next level in its latest promo ‘Living off the brands’.

Showing dedication to its 15 clients, the agency sent copywriter Lee Kimball into the wild for five days, challenged with living only off the the branded products: Adidas, Faust, Finex, LA Galaxy, Leatherman, Leupold Optics, Microsoft, Reebok, Redington, Red Bull, Rio, Treehouse Chocolate, Widmer Brothers and Yeti.

Chocolate is the only food source on the list and Red Bull, Prisoner wine and Widmer Brothers Brewing pale ale are the only beverages to quench the thirst. He did, however, have a pan to cook from should he find, or catch with the fishing rod, any food.

While Adidas provided clothing and a ball to play with, none of the brands included a form of shelter.

Roundhouse invited people to follow Kimball’s journey by tuning into the daily podcasts and watching the daily video. Instagram also provided regular updates. 

Day one: Set up camp and made a fire while enjoying a diet of Red Bull and chocolate.

I have (finally) made fire! #LivingOffTheBrands

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Day two: Attempted to catch food.

Day three: Traded beer for trout and water.

Day four: Hiked for berries and traded wine for potato salad and cheese.

Parting gift from the Ukulele Lady #Kind #Blessed Oregonians are the best! #LivingOffTheBrands

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Day five: Back to civilisation and straight to a burger and fries.

There aren’t words… #LivingOffTheBrands #Survivor #SoGood

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