Animalistic hunger

When someone pops open a bag of chips, loudly unwraps a chocolate bar or brings out any other kind of tasty snack, our eyes can’t help but seek out the food. It’s much the same with seagulls at the beach, which suddenly become interested in you once they see you open that steaming bundle of fish and chips. Tiny Toast has drawn on these situations in two new ads, but has instead created a role reversal between animals and humans.

In one ad a horse sloshes up some Tiny Toast with milk for an old lady, in another a seagull sits by the beach with his cereal, but quickly attracts the attention of miniature, hungry humans.

There are four spots in total, created by New York agency Walrus, and each have the same theme, animals trying to save their Tiny Toast from annoying little humans. Although, one stranger, slightly nightmarish ad has a hairy man bent over eating the cereal while being sheered by a sheep.

“Every animal has a food it can’t resist—a food that will make it run faster, wade into danger and do silly tricks,” Tiny Toast client senior marketing manager Alan Cunningham told AdFreak. “In these situations, it’s usually a human feeding a horse a carrot, or a human setting out cheese for a mouse. We knew that flipping the script and having the animals in control would be a hilarious, eye-catching way for us to deliver the irresistible taste message.”

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