Out-of-home piggybank puts on some weight

Cast your minds back to 2009. Now back at me. Now back to 2009. Now back to 2010. As everyone knows, it was a pretty lean year for all concerned, but the releases trumpeting various revenue increases seem to be flowing reasonably freely of late, with the latest coming from the Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ), which announced that gross media revenue for Q2 has increased by six percent from the same time last year, up from $14.3 million to $15.2 million in 2010.  Pauline Hanton, chairperson of OMANZ, says total Out-Of-Home revenue is now up 2.2 percent over the same period last year. And she says this, combined with the positive Q2 results, are good indications of continued growth for the remainder of the year.

While not quite as impressive as the increase in TV advertising revenue figures, she believes the result demonstrates the value of the medium and she feels there is improved confidence in the planning and buying of campaigns in this “cost efficient and effective media channel” from advertisers.

As well as this good revenue news, Jo Davenport has also come onboard as the newly appointed project manager at OMANZ.

One of her first jobs was to work with its agency to develop a soon-to-be-released brand and logo and to start the process of building of a new website. She’s also been pressing the flesh with the OMANZ members to get a bit of an insight to the industry and benefits OMANZ can provide it.

Over the coming months Davenport will continue to roll out the OMANZ business plan, which includes the establishment of an industry code of practice, a new research and insights programme and marketing initiatives (possibly even a return of the Outdoor awards) to further increase awareness of the benefits Out-Of-Home media provides advertisers.

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