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On behalf of its members, the Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand would like to convey its deepest sympathy and thoughts at this difficult time to the residents of Christchurch. All members have pledged to do whatever they can to assist with rescue efforts, whether that be fund raising, assistance with communication and on the ground support.

The majority of OMANZ members have a substantial number of media sites in Christchurch, and as it is deemed appropriate each OMANZ member will assess the state of their sites for structural integrity and access when it is deemed safe and allowable by the appropriate authorities.

We expect there will be queries from advertisers and agencies regarding the placement of pre-booked media in Christchurch, however we ask for your patience and understanding at this difficult time as the operators check the integrity of their sites and the focus is placed on assisting in the relief efforts as the foremost priority.

Each of the members will do what they can to ensure advertisers’ requirements are still met. However, please remain mindful of the current situation in Christchurch.

If you have any specific queries regarding advertising that has been booked, please contact the media operator directly.

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