Old becomes new as ecostore cobbles together postmodern eco-billboard

The last billboard ecostore put up outside its flagship Freeman’s Bay store in Auckland was an image of what looked like a dog covered in spaghetti sitting in front of a curtain. And it has followed up the ‘un-billboard’ with another artistic and environmentally friendly effort, an ‘eco-billboard’ created by Special Group and DDB’s ex head of art Mike Davison to advertise its spring sale. 

“We do what we can to be sustainable in all aspects of our business, so we decided to create a reusable billboard entirely from old billboard skins to promote the shop’s September sale,” says Ecostore’s marketing manager Melissa Fletcher.

The billboard, which has just been voted ‘Best Outdoor in the World’ on bestadsontv.com, was the brainchild of Special Group’s Kim Frazer and Davison was brought in to cut letters out of the old billboards to create the message. They were then stitched together by sailmakers and the entire process took eight hours (check out the time-lapse photography by Brendan Dixon).

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The sale, which only applies to its Freeman’s Bay store or online, ends on 30 September.

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