Ogilvy holds Rugby World Cup trophy aloft—UPDATED

According to the rumour mill’s grapevine, Ogilvy has won a three-way pitch for the Rugby World Cup campaign briefed by the Auckland Council’s economic development and tourism body, ATEED, beating out Saatchi & Saatchi and Colenso .99. It’s understood the project is for all the communications (including i-Sites, online guff, a visitor’s guide and even some touch-screen business around the city), branding and signage (including the airport) and events around the positioning of the Big Little Super City as the host city for the Rugby World Cup. So it’s a nice wee earner, with the council having set aside more than half a million dollars to promote the city and the possibility of more on top of that.

The tournament is expected to bring 85,000 visitors to New Zealand and half of them are expected to visit Auckland, so it’s a good chance to promote the city’s wares.

StopPress also understands Ogilvy is in the running for another future branding campaign for the Auckland Council, so watch this space and wait for the “delighteds”, “exciteds” and “thrilleds” to flow freely.

Update: Ogilvy executive director Paul Manning said in a release:  “Our response to the brief was to develop a position for Auckland as the thriving hub of RWC 2011 in New Zealand.   We want Aucklanders to be proud of their city and ensure visitors have an experience here that is second to none. Auckland is a place where people from all over the world can come and enjoy our fantastic lifestyle while participating in one of the world’s largest sporting events.

“Ogilvy brings a very strong integrated offering to the table.  This pitch required a 360 degree response – it called on our depth of resources and skill from across the agency, in particular we combined a powerful strategy and creative response with our well-known ability to deliver high quality work, fast.  I believe this gave us the competitive edge that a high profile account like this needs,” he said.

The scope of the Auckland marketing work to be undertaken by Ogilvy is still to be finalised with ATEED but is likely to include the official RWC 2011 Auckland Visitors’ Guide, the look and feel of the Stadium Walk Up route (from Queen Elizabeth Square to Eden Park), online marketing, theming and dressing of the region’s i-Sites (visitor information centres), Maori tourism marketing material along with some city presentation ambient marketing activity.

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