Devise perfect regal baby gift, win beer

To celebrate the yet-to-be-born heir to the British throne, Monteith’s created a limited edition ‘Royal Series’ and sent it off to Windsor (this fits into the StopPress philosophy of buying booze-related baby gifts for parents, rather than for babies). Sadly, only one batch of the Monteith’s Royal Series has been created, all of which is being couriered to London. But we have five six-packs of the non-regal variety to give away to thirsty, responsible drinking, over 18 StopPress monarchists. So tell us the perfect baby present for the royal human and it could be yours. ​   

“William and Harry enjoy a few beers from time to time which got us thinking about crafting them something for the special day,” says Tony Mercer, Monteith’s head Brewer. “We’ve created something distinctly Kiwi. It’s basically a taste of the West Coast going straight to Windsor to help celebrate the historic day.”

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