Oceania Healthcare makes magic moments with some feline help

Being in a retirement home can sometimes feel dispiriting, but one woman is given reason to get up and about in Oceania Healthcare’s latest video by Rainger & Rolfe.

The ad centres on the story of Mary who refuses to walk outside her room. But when a nurse notices her collection of framed cat photos, she organises for the retirement village to adopt a grey and white kitten to encourage Mary to venture outside.

Set to the sounds of Burt Bacharach’s ‘Magic Moments’, the ad focuses on Oceania’s goal to provide their own magical moments to residents in their care.

“When we first sat down to plan this campaign, capturing the spirit of generosity and quality of care was top of our list,” says Ant Rainger, managing partner at Rainger & Rolfe.

“We know the caregivers and staff at Oceania just love doing whatever they can to enhance the resident experience. The stories are almost too numerous to tell—and yet that was the task.”

Oceania’s general manager of marketing Jill Birch says the kitten story is based on real life, and that it was chosen because it brought together a number of relevant themes.

“If you look closely you’ll see it was an initiative by one of our caregivers to help Mary but it was then a team effort to pull it together,” says Birch. 

“The other key aspect to this campaign was our promise of ‘kindness, care and respect’ which is how we close the commercial. At Oceania we feel this is an accurate description of the resident experience and also a very good reflection of the kind of culture we have.”

Rainger & Rolfe and Oceania Healthcare also worked together back in 2015 on the ‘Her Idea’ commercial, which addressed the awkward situation of placing an aged loved one into assisted care.


Oceania Healthcare: Jill Birch, Bronwyn Webster, Nathan Hoare
Rainger & Rolfe: Ant Rainger, Stella Terrell, Quentin Pfistzer, Jo Pfistzer, Peter Mayo, Lauren Proud, Lex Fleming.
Film Construction: Perry Bradley (Director), Valentine Taylor (Producer), Mark Lapwood (DOP), Nathan Pickles (Offline editor), Pete Richie (Colourist), Blockhead (online)
​Starcom: Al Jamieson, Sophia Quilian, James Nicol
Aeroplane Music and Songbroker: Jan Hellgriel, Greg Johnson.
‘Magic Moments’ rights: Burt Bacharach (Sony/ATV), Hal David (BMG).

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