Oatly reveals world-first billboard campaign in NZ

If there was an award for the most words on a billboard, then surely Oatly would take home gold.

This week the world’s original and largest oat drink company needed not one, but two billboards to say everything about their arrival in New Zealand – and they’re possibly the wordiest billboards ever. 

Located on 76 Albert Street and 25 College Hill in Auckland’s CBD, the billboards reveal several hidden messages about Oatly’s launch in New Zealand – from a link to their sustainability report outlining their mission to drive a systemic shift toward a sustainable, resilient food system that empowers people to choose solutions that improve their lives – to a giveaway of 50 free oat flat whites a day for anyone who notices the billboards.

The first billboard starts with the words “If there’s one thing you need to know about Oatly, it’s this.”

The second billboard reads: “(sorry, ran out of room on the other billboard…) Williams Eatery is what we were going to say. It’s at 85 Daldy Street. And yes, your initial skepticism was apparently well-founded – that really was more than one thing.”

Kevin Lynch, Creative Director at Oatly’s award-winning internal agency, Oatly Department of Mind Control (ODMC), says: “We realise billboards are supposed to be short and to the point. We also realise following rules is not one of our core competencies.” 

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