NZRU sniffs success with fragrant new brand extension

Beyoncé, Britney, the Beckhams… All around the world, celebrities endorse perfumes—and, increasingly, sell their own. We can’t think of too many Kiwi stars spruiking fragrances at present, but that looks set to change soon because we’ve learned the NZRU is set to launch its own scent called Scrummâge. 

While perfume may seem like a strange fit for the All Blacks, brand extensions are a fact of life these days, especially for huge global brands like the national team. Added to that, the powers that be are obviously trying to bask in the reflected glow of the World Cup win and many of the local unions are in financial strife, so releasing an eau de toilette in an effort to add some cash to the coffers isn’t so surprising.

It’s not certain what the comms approach for the launch will be yet, but we’ve heard the campaign will feature current All Blacks—and possibly even coaches—riding topless down a beach on a white horse, before dismounting, rolling around provocatively in the surf and whispering the phrase: ‘Scrummâge: the essence of man.’

The scent is thought to be a mixture of liniment, mud and homoeroticism and will go on sale on April 1.

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