NZME Podcast Network remains at top of NZ Podcast Ranker

New Zealand Media and Entertainment is celebrating being the top podcast network in the country for an uninterrupted 25 months, as per the most recent Triton Digital New Zealand Podcast Ranker.

With 99 percent growth in original content downloads since the start of the year and more than 7.4 million monthly podcast downloads, NZME’s Podcast Network also boasts monthly listenership of more than 1.1 million.

NZME’s Head of Digital Audio, James Butcher says NZME is thrilled to have retained its top position consistently since the first Triton NZ Podcast Ranker 25 months ago.

“The ongoing success of our podcast network demonstrates NZME’s commitment to delivering engaging, high- quality and innovative content that resonates with our diverse audiences. We’re reaching over 1 million kiwis a month regardless of what platform they are listening on which is great to see,” says Butcher.

NZME podcasts continue to secure Top 5 spots with Mike Hosking Breakfast leading the way, followed closely by ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley, and Heather du Plessis-Allan Drive.

James Butcher.

Complementing NZME’s podcasting success is its successful partnership with advertisers. Notable brands such as DB Export, Musashi, and Wild Secrets have achieved remarkable results by collaborating with NZME’s audio brands.

The Alternative Commentary Collective (The ACC) and DB Export aimed to expand consideration amongst males aged 18–44, resulting in impressive returns on investment and growing success. While Wild Secrets, in partnershipwith ZM’s Sex.Life podcast delivered a 166 percent return on investment over 11 weeks.

“Our advertiser partnerships are built on trust and shared success. We take pride in helping brands achieve their objectives by leveraging the power of NZME’s podcast network and our various digital audio platforms. These case studies illustrate the exceptional opportunities that NZME offers to businesses seeking to maximise their advertising effectiveness in the digital audio space,” says Butcher.

NZME has continued to diversify its offerings, recently introducing the new Playlists feature on iHeartRadio. Accessible through the iHeartRadio app and online, this new feature provides listeners with access to thousands of carefully curated music playlists, featuring popular artists and content from on-air hosts and radio stations.

“In the world of digital audio, we aim to provide convenience and diversity, fuelled by our commitment to coming up with new ideas. Playlists on iHeartRadio is another example of us continuing to innovate, ensuring our platform remains fresh and interesting for our audiences,” says Butcher.

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