NZME and Wendy’s join forces

A new commercial initiative between NZME and Wendy’s means the restaurant chain has taken over Flava’s Drive show, effectively owning the network’s “hunger zone” between 4pm and 6pm.

In what’s thought to be a radio first, Wendy’s has taken out all of the commercials across the peak Drive show period – giving listeners more of the Old School, Hip Hop and RnB that they desire.

Wendy’s CEO, Danielle Lendich, says the chain wanted to do something different for Wendy’s fans. 

“Giving them more music and more of Flava Drive Host Athena Angelou is a great way for us to say thanks to our loyal customers and introduce new customers to Wendy’s. We’ve appreciated the flexibility and initiative from the New Zealand Media and Entertainment team in helping us make this happen.”

The food-to-go sector is fiercely competitive, with all players looking for innovative ways to engage with audiences. 

NZME Chief Revenue Officer, Paul Hancox, says: “Giving Wendy’s exclusive ownership of the late afternoon/early evening “hunger zone” during Flava’s Drive is the perfect opportunity to help grow Wendy’s share of audience with the “in-car” commuting customers. They’re heading home and are looking for the great quality, freshly prepared food that the Wendy’s team pride themselves in.”

Wendy’s will be the only commercial voice heard across the nearly three-hour show.

NZME Group Account Director, Gareth McDonald, adds: “The team at Wendy’s is totally dedicated to fresh, honest food, made from high quality ingredients and made when it’s ordered. To be able to deliver those messages consistently to an audience that won’t encounter any other commercial messaging is a new initiative in a radio Drive show.

“We’ve been proud to work with Wendy’s and their media agency Account Manager Emma McMahon from Together on this initiative.”

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