You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours: MediaWorks teams up with Vevo; NZME strikes partnership with Chinese Herald

Earlier this year the Twitterverse scoffed at Kanye West for expressing his interest in working with Swedish furniture company Ikea. But, the idea of the two brands coming together in today’s fragmented media environment isn’t all that far-fetched. Collaboration is becoming an increasingly important part of reaching the right eyeballs, and this is something two of New Zealand’s big media companies have embraced this week with MediaWorks teaming up with Vevo and NZME penning a partnership with the Chinese Herald

 MediaWorks and NZME announced the partnerships this week with the aim of expanding their audiences. MediaWorks is hoping to increase its digital audience in online video provider Vevo while NZME is hoping to diversify its audience by pairing with the Chinese Herald.

According to the release, MediaWorks’ partnership with Vevo is part of the broadcasters focus on digital content, and will see it become the largest New Zealand supplier of online video content.

It will use its sales teams to exclusively bring Vevo opportunities to advertisers, providing the ability to reach Vevo viewers on mobile, tablet, desktop and connected TV. The platform will allow demographic and contextual targeting, sponsorship opportunities and exclusive access to new music premiere releases.

MediaWorks acting chief commercial officer Glen Kyne says: “the partnership provides fantastic opportunities for both parties, developing on MediaWorks’ and Vevo’s existing offering of premium music and entertainment content”.

“Our partnership will allow us to reach more New Zealanders than ever before, and be the prime location for any advertiser looking to purchase premium digital content and connect to engaged audiences.”

Vevo chief revenue officer Nic Jones says he’s excited to have MediaWorks as a partner on the ground to extend the reach of Vevo, as it looks to drive new growth opportunities in New Zealand.

“The digital advertising outlook for New Zealand is poised for continuing double-digit growth over the next five years and this collaboration will allow us to capitalise on the ever increasing demand for music videos in the local market.”

Vevo has proven itself to be the go-to for online video content, with 23 of its videos each being viewed over one billion times as of August. The second most viewed video, with 1.78 billion views, is Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel’s ‘Sorry’ video for Justin Bieber.

For NZME the joint venture with the Chinese Herald will see it launch a new digital platform, the Chinese New Zealand Herald.

The platform will allow Chinese New Zealanders to engage with local news from nzherald.co.nz in Chinese (simplified and traditional). It will also include articles from the print version of the Chinese Herald and draw from Chinese news sources.

According to Statistics New Zealand, the Asian population in Auckland is forecast to grow to 21 percent by 2021 and as NZME chief operating officer says in the release, as New Zealand becomes increasingly diverse, it’s natural that media will reflect that.

She adds that the new site, which will launch in October, will be accessed via web, tablet and mobile and the articles will also be posted on WeChat, making it easy for the Chinese community to stay up to date and share content.

MD/proprietor for the Chinese Herald Lili Wang says the joint venture is a natural step.

“NZME and the Chinese Herald are two of the most trusted news brands in New Zealand for the Chinese population. There is increasing demand for a credible NZ based news site as the Chinese community has a strong interest in local news, business and property and want to engage in lifestyle, travel and entertainment content, but many find it easier to consume content in Chinese than English.”

The Chinese New Zealand Herald comes after NZME showed its commitment to diversification by forming partnerships with the New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) to grow its engagement with the Asian business community, collaborated with Chen Palmer to deliver Cultural Bridge, and partnered with Humm FM and WTV’s radio stations; Chinese Radio AM936 and FM 99.4 Chinese Voice.

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