NZ Geographic publisher launching Pro Photographer magazine

While others are looking apprehensively towards the world of print publishing, the company behind New Zealand Geographic magazine is taking the opportunity to expand its stable. From 5 August, Kohwai Media will publish a bi-monthly photography magazine called Pro Photographer, publisher James Frankham says it’s catered towards those in the photography business.

“There’s a lot of information out there for consumers, but no real good, well curated material for professional photographers,” he says.

“That’s the market we’re trying to cater for, using a lot of the skills and resources we’ve gained through New Zealand Geographic.”

Frankham is quick to add that while the magazine is targeted towards professionals, amateurs aspiring to take the next step will also find something for them in the mag.

Photographer Lottie Hedley has been brought on board as editor, with a small creative team of of three plus freelancers.

Pro Photographer is vaulting out of the gates with a digital version from day one. An iPhone and iPad app (and versions for Android devices too) provides daily photography news, while the tablet versions are capable of displaying magazine content (which is available for purchase). The apps are free and the premium content is also free for print subscribers.

The apps were designed internally and developed by a contractor. Frankham says the platform developed for Pro Photographer will eventually be rolled back for use on New Zealand Geographic. 

“We couldn’t get the result we wanted with [Adobe Digital Publishing Suite] or Oomph [which is behind Viva’s digital offering], so we built our own. The brilliant thing about it is we’ve created the foundations for what we need to expand it in the future,” he says.

The digital version allows Pro Photographer to reach a wider, international audience. While the magazine’s content will feature New Zealand photography news, the digital versions might be edited to be more palatable overseas. Although Frankham is adamant that the best New Zealand photographers are right up there with those worldwide.

Pro Photographer will sell for $11.95 per issue.

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